Friday, 28 January 2011

Teeth and other Troubles

Although teeth aren't strictly do do with writing, an infection under a molar is definitely slowing progress. Antibiotics and ibuprofen are helping, but my brain is slowing down and I'm using it as an excuse to sit and read, or watch TV rather than get on with current projects. Which is not good as there are two rather urgent things I can't ignore. The first is to find a title for a short story, which is ready to send, but still titleless. The second is to edit a novel that has been lurking in My Documents since 2007. Why the urgency? Well I foolishly joined the Romantic Novelists New Writers' Scheme and now am having horrible doubts as to whether my novel will fit into the right category. The instructions came with ROMANCE in capital letters. Why oh why do I never read the labels on things? It's about love that's true, but also about what women want from love and life. It does have romance and it all ends happily, so surely...

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Next step is what to blog about. That was easy to decide. This blog is about my writing, what I do, what I hope to do and what I've achieved so far. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes not so well and sometimes not at all, so one of the things I want to do is share ideas with other writers about how to overcome those days/weeks when nothing seems to go right.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

First steps

Find a snappy name and the whole world will come flocking, that's the advice for starting up a new blog. Well I tried. For a whole year I tried and what did I come up with? My name. Which will mean that anyone looking for me on the web will find my posts. So thanks to fellow writers, Peter Coleborn and Jan Edwards I'm ready to blog.