Monday, 27 May 2013

Are writers junkies?

Are writers junkies? Apart from being hooked on writing, which goes without saying, I'm beginning to wonder whether there's another addiction we suffer from.  Perhaps not all of us, that might be too much of a generalisation, but I definitely must stand up and declare that I am a writer and an adrenaline addict. 

I thought I wanted an easy life. I thought I wanted to do nothing more than sit at my computer and write. So I did. After a while, however, I became aware of a slight disatisfaction. A feeling that grew more acute as the time went on. I was checking my e mails and coming away disappointed, I was on edge, missing something. Then I realized what it was. There were no stories, no books, no plays out there. No agent, publisher or editor was scrutinising my offering and deciding whether to accept or reject. I hadn't anything to look forward to. Admittedly it might be a rejection, but on the other hand it might just be the golden moment when it seems that at long last my dreams of success out there in the mainstream were going to come true.  

The time has come therefore to face up to my addiction and get another fix.  "House of Shadows" will be winging its way to another agent tomorrow. More of "Dark Angel" will be up on Wattpad and I'll be looking at my cache of short stories to see what needs to be tweaked before going out. 

Then I'll start feeling slightly nervous every time I check my e mails. There will be a feeling of anticipation each morning that maybe, just maybe today will be the day. 

This is how I deal with my need. I'd be interested to hear what other writers do. 

Friday, 10 May 2013

Kicking Down the Door

My toe's through the door, but now I want to kick it down and let the world in. Well, not the world, only those people who love YA vampire novels, who have been bereft since Twilight finished, who are lusting for a new love interest.

My problem is how to find them.

In lots of ways putting "Dark Angel" on Wattpad is working for me. I'm getting some fantastic comments, thanks Elisia and her readers, and  re-thinking and re-editing, which is what the book needs.

I'm Tweeting and Facebooking and talking face to face. Old fashioned I know, but it does work.

But I'm not building up my following as fast as I might.

So anyone out there that fits the above description, take a look and spread the word.  Or if you've any other suggestions let me know.

Lauren needs her story out there.