Friday, 10 May 2013

Kicking Down the Door

My toe's through the door, but now I want to kick it down and let the world in. Well, not the world, only those people who love YA vampire novels, who have been bereft since Twilight finished, who are lusting for a new love interest.

My problem is how to find them.

In lots of ways putting "Dark Angel" on Wattpad is working for me. I'm getting some fantastic comments, thanks Elisia and her readers, and  re-thinking and re-editing, which is what the book needs.

I'm Tweeting and Facebooking and talking face to face. Old fashioned I know, but it does work.

But I'm not building up my following as fast as I might.

So anyone out there that fits the above description, take a look and spread the word.  Or if you've any other suggestions let me know.

Lauren needs her story out there.

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