Thursday, 30 August 2012

Life gets in the way.

"What is the point of a blog if you don't post at least once a week?" Danni at Bookblogtours asked the question on Facebook recently. She's right, of course. If you're  not communicating with your followers and the rest of the world, you may as well be scribbling in some dogeared diary which you keep hidden at the bottom of your underwear drawer.

Blogging, however, takes time and life has a habit of getting in the way. 

For me the priority is going down to Bristol as often as possible to visit my lovely granddaughter. Maddy is nine months old now and she is changing rapidly and I want to be as much part of her development and growing up as I can possibly be. Not so easy when you live so far away.  

Then there was the Edinburgh Festival.  Fantastic three days which I wouldn't have missed for anything. If you haven't seen Rob Crouch in "Oliver Reed, Wild Thing" catch it if you can. Same would go for "Female Gothic," a one woman show far scarier than "The Woman in Black." And "The Road That Wasn't There." Shadow puppets, singing and story telling from Trick of the Light a group from New Zealand.

Not only were the shows brilliant, but the city itself is magical in ways that set the imagination going. 

Creatively revived, if somewhat exhausted, it's time to get back to the writing. 

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