Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Dark Angel

I know vampires have had it. I know that we're supposed to have moved on, past Twilight into a new Zombie dawn, but something tells me that this just isn't true. There's still an appetite out there for these beings that prey on our blood, yet appeal to something deep and dark inside us.

A few years ago I wrote my own vampire novel. It went out to a few publishers and agents, but nothing happened so I filed it away on my hard drive. The book however wasn't going to let me go. My characters had got their claws, or is it fangs, into me and were demanding a return from the dead. So I took another look at my "Dark Angel" and today I posted the first chapter on the Wattpad site.  It's a YA novel and if that's not your thing and you know a teen who appreciates the genre please ask them to read and comment. If on the other hand you'd like to give me your input and feedback, I'd love to hear it.


  1. I have a blog follower who writes and publishes in that genre, she is also only 21! Will pass the link on.

  2. I don't mind having a look at it Misha and if you like I can pass it on to a couple of my YA students.