Sunday, 9 March 2014

Gremlins and Daemons.

Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining, it feels like Spring and I've just come in from the garden to finish off a few tasks on my computer.

But I seem to have brought the Gremlins and Daemons with me. First of all I can't access my blog. OK they relented and let me on second time round, but this doesn't usually happen.

Next I need to ring a friend on his mobile. The number appears to be disconnected. It it? Or is there more machinations going on?

Personally I think the warm weather has brought out the imps of infuriation. Knowing that we humans are never happier than when the sun shines and the skies are blue, they have decided to annoy us in ways only they know how.

Or is it simply Sunday? A day when everyone wants to access their social media, their real life friends and family and the web and all the phone networks are overburdened and unable to cope.

Whatever the reason, I think I might just go and read a book. One of those real ones made of paper.

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