Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dragon: a poem.

     Razor sharp venomous teeth

Rocky crackly roar

Mean-hearted golden eyes

Scaly emerald spikes

Red sharp claws

Smooth scalding claws

Malleable shape changes thumb

Petrifying hot roaring meteor

Gold scaly skin

Sparkling sapphire eyes

Big scary eyes

Needle sharp Arrow pointed

Tall silver tail

Purple bumpy tongue

Cherry blood drinker

Gives deadly death

Unpredictable deafening scream

Terrifying scream roaring

Ears long black

Green fearsome nostrils

Malicious black heart

Horrifying breath

Horrible vile breath

Fearsome lava red

Scorching flaming breath

Smooth sapphire scales

Spines iron hot metallic triangles

Sensational courageous magnificent

Awakes in the dark, dark cave.

On Monday I did a dragon workshop with some Year 6 kids at St. Thomas More Academy in Stoke.
After reading from "Dragonfire" we came up with our own ideas of what a dragon might look like and the above poem is the result.

It was a great session. I enjoyed myself and I hope the group did too, so thanks to  Riley, Maia, Tom, Cameron, Spencer, Brandan, Ashley, Leah, Devan, Gerry, Josh, Kian Alarna, Kyle, Leo, Natasha, Isobel, Maryann, Molly-Ann, Shona, Ami, Amy, Sophie, Cameron, Kai, Ltrelle, Chloe and Hannan and all the best for the start of your new term at St. Thomas More in September.

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